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Voiture24.ch | founded in Switzerland in March 2019, by a team of Web designers, Programmers, Web Developers, Auto Experts and car Dealers. Invested time and money for months to realize this Vehicles Platform for the Swiss Automobiles Market.

First a little introductory of the Swiss Automobile Market 
Swiss Automobile market is a very busy one, vehicle changing amoung the population in Switzerland is  common and flexible. Nevertheless,  the "Car Export market in Switzerland", Swiss used cars are liturely highly demanded throu out the world so there is never an "over population" of vehicles.

Our Motiv

It is important for us all to be able to use the media so we can achieve regular things with reasonable cost at least or even free of charge, including buying and selling of vehicles with best presentation and heighest security

Our Goal

Beside profiting reasonably so at least we can cover the basic costs of this serivce, we intend to facilitate the car trade in switzerland throughout our expertise, make it easy and cheap to sell thier vehicles without having to SHARE the profit with BIG Advertising platforms or companies companies.

Our tasks and Responsibilities

  • Provide necessary support to our users with accounts, Ads, Photos etc..
  • Protect our users privacy and information
  • We Monitor each ad carefully to avoid misuse of the service and any fraud.
  • Follow fraudsters and scammers through IP locations database and do the legal necessity

We wish Best Luck and Success with your deals!
Team Voiture24.ch
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